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My story begins like that of many rebels, with a difficult path full of demons and pain, that passion with which today I create and transmit through my tattoos, designs and ornamentation: the opportunity to be different, to express that special and elegant taste, so different from the usual.


Do you want to know who I am? I'll tell you that I'm a fighter, probably like you. 


I worked 2 very hard years: I was working 12 hours a day in a workshop and tattooing by myself until the early hours of the morning, whatever time it was. When I was 21 I went to Switzerland where I started as a tattoo artist, in an adventure that would change my life forever: my teacher, my brother, came along: the one who teaches me how to be who I am. 


All my training has come through moving around the world since I was very young, meeting artists from all countries and in all styles, talking and sharing moments with them and mixing all that information in my head. 

All my success is also theirs, all of my 80 worldwide awards in London, Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Zurich, also belongs to them.


All their lessons combined with my desire to make the best of myself, have made me what I am today.


Thanks to all that I have lived and learnt, I can now transmit my style, my colours and my technique through my work and creations. 

A job that I love and that allows me to have no bosses or absurd rules, with which I can do or go where I want, when I want and how I want, with which I can do anything with freedom and offer it to anyone who wants to express in a unique way their own demons on their skin or on it.

Surely you also have your story and this is how I can help you to express it: 

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